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draycast foundries limited.


Our customer base is very diverse. The business sectors listed below give examples of where some of our castings are utilised.

- Pumps (impellers, volutes, manifolds etc)

- Valves (Bodies, actuators, strainers)

- Hydraulic Systems ( Pistons, cylinders)

- Marine Applications (Propellers, navigation)

- Food Processing

- Printing & Bindery Systems

- Pharmaceutical/Medical Industries

- Motor Sport

Batch sizes range from 1 to 2000 - Typically 5 to 200

‘Why haven’t we heard about you before. Those sample impellers are some of the best non-ferrous castings we’ve ever had’

-Senior Buyer of a major international pump manufacturer

Company Philosophy

The best way to win and sustain business is to build strong partnerships. Forging those relationships means investing time and learning to understand our customers. By listening very carefully to their needs and concerns we can focus on what we have to do to ensure they come back to us.


Soundness, consistency and finish matter. A casting invariably forms the basic raw material for a machined and finished component. A casting flaw, especially one discovered late on, can make a casting a very expensive reject. Our reject rates are minimal because we set one standard of excellence for every casting.

Value For Money

No-one chooses to buy an over-priced casting. Unfortunately, too many opt for a cheap casting and suffer the consequences of poor quality and wasted costs down the line. Our emphasis is on giving outstanding value for money.


The majority of our customers operate computer based manufacturing systems. For those systems to run smoothly deliveries must be on time. Late, early or partial deliveries cause delays and wastage. We make a commitment to deliver and stick to it.


When requirements change or technical issues arise our customers want support. Our management is hands-on every day and always available to help our customers out.

‘My Machine shop manager has asked if we’ve splashed out on new tooling because he cannot understand the sudden improvement in quality. I told him we are using a new foundry (Draycast)’

- Buyer of a food processor manufacturer

Aluminium_Electronics_Gearbox_Casting Bronze_impeller_valve_castings LG2_Pump_Casting Aluminium_Pharmaceutical_Castings

Cluster of Gunmetal Impellers - LG2

Pharmaceutical Aluminium Casting - LM25

Electrical Component Aluminium Casting - LM4