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All ingot is sourced from carefully vetted suppliers and melts are carefully monitored using our in house spectrometer. Electric melting ensures a high level of flexibility, control and quality. The tables below detail the commonly used materials for the castings we supply in aluminium & bronze casting alloys.

Aluminium Casting Alloys BS1490

LM4        Al-SI5Cu3Mn0.5

LM6        Al-SI12

LM25       Al-Si7Mg0.5

LM27      Al-Si7Cu2Mn0.5

BSL99      Al-Si7Mg0.3

BSL169    Al-Si7Mg0.6

Other specifications available to BS EN 1706

Maximum aluminium casting weight 650 Kgs.

Copper Casting Alloys ASTM/BS1400

C95800/AB2     CuAl10FeNi5 - Aluminium Bronze

CT1     CuSn11 - Zinc Free Bronze

HTB1  CuZn33Pb2Si - High Tensile Brass

LB2    CuSn10Pb10 - Leaded Bronze

B61 - Gunmetal

B62/LG2    CuSn5Pb5Zn5 - Gunmetal

LG4    CuSn7Pb3Zn2 - Admiralty Gunmetal

PB 1   CuSn11P - Phosphor Bronze

Other specifications available to BS EN 1982 & ASTM

Maximum bronze casting weight 225 Kgs.

Equivalent international and other alloy specifications are cast to order.

LM6_LM25_LM4_L99_L169_Aluminium_Castings AB2_C95800_LG2_LG4_HTB1_Bronze_Castings Aluminium_Bronze_Pouring